I'm an undergraduate at Harvard University studying Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics. My primary interests lie in the intersection of mathematics and computer science with challenges in quantum optics, tech, and finance. In my free time, I love reading—especially memoirs and sci-fi—writing, and watching/playing soccer.

What I Do

This summer, I'm working as a quantitative trading intern at Alliance Bernstein where I'm developing models to predict intraday trading volume and scripts to track retail-traded stocks in real-time and combine this analysis with our trading platform. Last summer, I interned in the real time communications team at Axon as a Software Engineering intern. In this role, I developed a backend system to enable efficient communication and data storage/retrieval for first responders.

I'm also part of the Loncar group at Harvard University, where my work focuses on the Silicon-vacancy center in diamond. In this role, I have created simulations of the strain signal within such devices and developed a GAN-based algorithm for discovering efficient SiV-SiN devices.

Beyond my research, I enjoy solving fun math problems, running along the East River, and writing.

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I'm an undergraduate at Harvard University where I major in Mathematics and minor in Economics with a Master's in Computer Science [2022]. On the math side, I enjoy exploring algebraic geometry, topology, and number theory while with CS, I'm a fan of coding theory, machine learning, and algorithm design. I also study market design economics, which I find to be an interesting intersection of many math, CS, and game theory concepts.


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I enjoy writing as a way to clarify my thoughts, reflect on events, and explore ideas, on both real and fictional topics, in a more concrete manner. In an effort to consolidate my pieces and flesh out many scattered notes into readable, coherent works I'm starting to put up some of my work online.

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You can reach me at abishrantpanday@college.harvard.edu or at (347) 235-7937.